Forget Me Not

In a Greek legend, God had named all the plants when a tiny one who had not gotten named exclaimed, “forget me not, O Lord.” God replied, “That shall be your name.”


In the Greek legend, when the Creator thought he had finished coloring the flowers, He heard one whisper, “Forget me not.” There were no colors remaining except a very small amount of blue, pale blue, and the forget-me-not flower was delighted to wear it.
To me, aside from the sunflower, the forget-me-not flower was easier to remember and spell compared to others like the Columbine and bougainvillea. Of course, I responded to its call in my Integrated Science exercise books and examination papers right from third grade.


Credit: Rose Pamela Help Save a Life and Orphans

Interestingly enough, I was told I could find a lot of the forget-me-not flowers at a nearby cemetery. Perhaps, it could be a message from the people in the unseen world to those in the living or vice versa.
Growing up, I hear a deeper calling of the forget-me-not. I hear it from the children in the streets, in orphanages and in forsaken parts of our world; all reaching out to me saying “forget-me-not.”


To each one of us, there is a “forget-me-not” that would keep us awake if we paid attention well enough to listen. To one, it could be your family waiting for you to break a poverty cycle. To another, it could be a call for you to reject a bribe and save the banking, educational or industrial system. Whatever the case may be to you, learn not to ignore the calling of your purpose on earth saying, “forget me not.