Silent Scream

A loud scream remains silent

Everywhere in our country, a scream is heard. Much louder than the sound of ten rockets blasting into space. It silently makes its voice known everywhere, yet amazingly my beloved country seems deaf to its moans and even screams. Oh, how it saddens my heart. Like the African woman so elegant in beauty we are so endowed with resources enviable by our European counterparts, yet so under-utilized. Talk of the timber, gold, fertile lands, rivers, bauxite to mention a few but then the state of our economy screams at us.

Mismanagement in the abundance of knowledge

We refuse to use our beautiful brains and abundant human resources, therefore, making the choice to live in abject poverty. When will we realize that our economy is really communicating something to us, the more reason it remains a silent scream? When will the youth choose to be elements of change rather than distraction? Instead of being reactive let’s choose to be proactive. When we change our attitudes and stop expecting to be spoon-fed, then we can use our energy and God-given talents to work towards becoming better versions of ourselves.

Instead of being selfish we can help one another because there is growth in communal effort. Then our nation will take its rightful place.