The Pride of Your Old Age

I remember when I was a kid, my class teacher would ask us one after the other, “what do you want to be in the future?” Professions like doctor, nurse, banker, pilot would be mentioned. In recent times, several schools organize something they call “career day” where kids wear costumes signifying their dream profession. Parents look on with pride but most importantly the kids feel a sense of purpose in life and they strive hard to achieve it.


But there comes the painful moment when we realize that insufficient educational funds can shift our dreams into something we never imagined. It has happened to many people around us to the point where siblings have to stay home and watch other siblings complete a certain level of schooling before they can continue with theirs.


Why do I say these things? The little you can give today can be used to invest in someone else’s future. I will urge everyone not to consider giving as a chore but as a means to secure the future of these young ones. They are the future generation, the pride of our old age.
Thank you very much for making time out of your busy schedule to read this message.

God Bless you.